Demand Intelligence Group

The Demand Intelligence Group is currently a small group of dedicated researchers, that reside within their own business unit, within Enerweb, a South African specialist IT services provider, specialises in IT solutions for electricity utilities. Please contact Schalk Heunis at if you require more details.

Demand Intelligence encompasses a range of activities to enable business users to make decisions regarding demand for electrical energy.  These decisions could be on planning, e.g. design for capital expansion or operational e.g. forecasting.

This concept can be explained through the use of a layered pyramid, where each tier builds on the previous:

Data collection

  • Sample design
  • Questionnaire design
  • Logging technology selection and design
  • Site referencing
  • Installation and operations of data collection equipment, automated or manual
  • Conducting interviews
  • Data quality control
  • Linking collected interviews to data streams using site referencing
  • Decommissioning

Data Analysis & Modelling

  • Data Mining
  • Relationship analysis
  • Model Building
  • Data representation & animation

Have analysed the data, and able to produce a model with which to make, or to assist the decision making, this level of the pyramid now focusses on turning this into a software application. In this stage, a front-end is provided with which the user can interact, with the data and specific modelling typically hidden from the user. The level of the pyramid typically encompasses the following :

  • User Requirement Analysis
  • Software Development & Testing
  • Software support & maintenance

Systems encompasses people, processes and applications. Only when all three aspects are combined, and the organisation truly starts behaving in a different way, and making decisions in a different way, on a day to day basis, has the “Demand Intellgence” been truly successful. This stage typically encompasses the following :

  • Documentation and Materials
  • Roll-Out & Training
  • Business Process Engineering
  • Process monitoring, feedbacks & process tuning

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